oribe doro


Oribe Doro Refers to a type of historical Japanese lantern or shrine, made out of stone and named after a tea master who designed these lanterns for Japanese tea gardens. It has the allure of a relic, like the artefact of an object that never existed. Playing with natural forms and industrial materials which aims to drive up the conceptual tension within the object. Although the name implies a functional object, Oribe Doro takes the role of some sort of abstract entity floating between past and future, covering itself with ornaments as a way of expression, searching for a personality.


Slowly a rhizomatic network is unfolding, with at its many centers Mu, a multi-definable and therefore un-definable concept. A non-binary, crossbreeding entity which leads a life of its own, directing the artist like some ancient spirit guide dressed in high tech future-wear.

A true child of the information age, MMU filters through the data overload, trying to distill a reality that is ever changing. His influences range from video games and anime to Zen and Schopenhauer, from artificial intelligence and quantum technology to science fiction and archeology. MMU’s work reflects this by posing open questions. Questions that don’t seek answers but aim to broaden the viewer’s perspective and invite them to contemplate and participate in alternate realities. To challenge both history and the present and probe into the future, in search of a synergetic wave of the old and the new that transcends classical subjective perception and dualistic thinking. A place where subject and object are interchangeable and the distinction between fiction and non-fiction, function and non-function dissolves in order to create space for the unknown to flourish.